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The F&R is the ultimate vinyasa trainer.

Question: So, what is a vinyasa trainer?

Answer: A tool to refine and empower your vinyasa practice.

You’ll learn how to jump back, step through, float forward and navigate gravity with more spaciousness, control, and engagement from your deep core line. The F&R supplies infinite opportunities for exploration, support and modifications that take yogis of all levels deeper into their own practice. Start with the F&R close to your feet as you begin building the strength needed to clear the roller. The closer you move the F&R to your hands, the more challenging your movements become. Repetitive use will help build core strength, flexibility and mindfulness during transitions. Focus on landing lightly when clearing the F&R.


Seated postures can allow time to slow the body and draw awareness to the breath. It can be hard to focus on the inhales and exhales if you’re experiencing discomfort in a certain asana. The F&R provides cushioning and height to support the body in static, grounded postures. Try placing the F&R under the hips, hands, heels, or head as needed.


Before or after your flow, use the F&R as you might a foam roller, moving your body over the cylindrical surface to promote muscular release and relaxation. Popular areas to self-massage with the F&R are the calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, back and shoulders.