Can I really leave the Yoga Float & Roll attached to the mat during class? Won’t it be too cumbersome or inhibit my movements?

The YFR was designed to be used primarily in flow classes as a vinyasa trainer, purposefully challenging you to engage your core as you step or jump through transitions from the back of the mat to the front of the mat. The YFR was also designed to be easily removed when sequences require you to lie down on your mat (such as boat pose, or savasana). When you become more comfortable with attaching and removing your YFR, it will take seconds to reposition. There will be instances when the YFR will not serve your practice - use your best judgement based on individual skill level and experience as to when to incorporate it into your practice.

What if I kick, brush or knock into the Yoga Float & Roll with my foot during my transitions?

This is normal and expected. The YFR was designed to be durable and forgiving. For assistance placing your YFR, please see our positioning guide

The foam rollers I’ve traditionally used at the gym are larger than the Yoga Float & Roll- are there bigger sizes available?

A larger working prototype of the YFR is currently in development. Please continue to check back for more information or join our mailing list.

What materials is the Yoga Float & Roll made out of?

Please see our materials page.

What are the dimensions of the Yoga Float & Roll?

Please see our specifications page

What size mats can the Yoga Float & Roll accommodate?

The YFR is adjustable and will fit mats 1-9mm in thickness and 24-26 inches in width.

How do I clean the Yoga Float & Roll?

The YFR can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water or tea tree oil.

What is the weight limit of the Yoga Float & Roll?

The YFR’s durability has been pressure tested at 230 lbs for over a year without degradation to the material.

Does the Yoga Float & Roll have a limited warranty?

Because the current YFR model is an advanced working prototype, there is no limited warranty.

How can I try/ purchase my own Yoga Float & Roll?

Purchasing options are coming soon!

I’d like to help promote/ distribute the Yoga Float & Roll, how can I help?

Please contact us.