Instructor Testimonials

"The Yoga Float & Roll has been a wonderful new tool for me to explore deeper muscular opening and tension release, especially while practicing Yoga! The combined approach of flowing through Yoga poses, while also having access to open up tender points is a very purposeful form of bodywork. I look forward to incorporating more of these techniques into my home practice, and with my group classes and massage clients!"

- Dina Abbondante, LMT, ERYT, RPYT

"The Yoga Float and Roll has seamlessly blended some of my favorite yoga props and myofascial release tools into one lightweight, portable accessory. From rolling out legs, glutes and lats before a practice or using it as a wedge under my heels in squats or Warrior 1, this handy device seems to have an endless amount of uses!"

- Danielle Doyle

"The Yoga Float and Roll is a useful and convenient prop that I use before, during and outside of my yoga practice to help relieve tension, ease stress and build strength. Before practice I roll out my legs and back to improve myofascial release and promote range of motion. During my practice I place it mid-mat and use it as a tool to build core strength by stepping forward to back on my mat with control. When I'm tired and sore I return to my Yoga Float and Roll to boost circulation and promote recovery. Because it is designed to travel along with my yoga mat, it comes with me wherever I practice."

- Lisa Mauriello

"The Yoga Float & Roll is a unique prop that can be used for both strengthening and releasing in your movement practice. I’m always discovering new ways to use it for both myself and my students of all levels! If you’re a yoga profesional, I recommend you add the Yoga Float & Roll to your prop collection. You’ll definitely find many ways to incorporate it into your flows."

- Hannah Adams, Somatic Specislist, ERYT, NASM CPT