The inspiration for the Float & Roll came about during a heated vinyasa flow class. After many sun salutations in 90 degree heat, a well-respected yoga instructor in the metrowest Boston area grew weary of hearing feet and toes dragging.

With encouragement to place foam blocks half way up our mats and go about our movements as usual, many blocks were inadvertently knocked over or sent flying, and the concept for Float & Roll was born.

Whether you're looking to bring mindfulness to your transitions, build core strength, receive additional support in a less comfortable seated pose, or you just want a high quality self-massage roller to relax on before or after class, our hope is that you can find a way to incorporate the F&R into your practice.

Please explore our website, review our testimonials, and try one out for yourself.

Float On & Namaste,

Mike and the Float & Roll team