YFR Mini

Product Specs


  • - Soft neoprene rubber exterior sheath for durability

  • - Lightweight, proprietary foam body provides comfort and support

  • - PVC interior tube for structural integrity and rigidity

  • - Plastic injection molded clips aid in transportation and keep the YFR Mini stationary on your mat, converting your foam roller into a vinyasa trainer/ versatile prop

  • - Diameter: 2.5"

  • - Weight: 1.1 lbs


Float With Us!

The Ultimate Vinyasa trainer, the Yoga Float & Roll Mini was designed with core strength and alignment in mind. Two feet long with adjustable clips that can accommodate mats up to 26” wide, the YFR-Mini has a 2.5” Diameter, making it ideal for those looking to establish or reinforce proper technique when transitioning from plank pose or downward dog during Vinyasa Flow classes.

Affix the YFR Mini to your mat using our Positioning Guide, and be mindful of its presence while transitioning between poses.

If there is a sequence in which the YFR Mini is not conducive (IE a pose which requires you to lie down completely), simply disengage the YFR Mini and leave it alongside your mat.

The YFR Mini can also be utilized as a foam roller and prop to encourage proper seated alignment for a variety of poses. Please Reference our Asana Library for examples of poses in which it can be helpful.